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devo scrivere qualcosa di interessante sul blog… dunque devo scrivere qualcosa..chesso’ qualcosa che possa interessare “la gente” ( cosi siamo chiamati dai politici), la gente… ma andate a portare il cane a cagare ( leggi sotto).

beh potrei iniziare a chiedermi come mai qui a Cesano Boscone dopo che e smesso di nevicare da ormai tre giorni ancora ci siano ancora i marciapiedi pieni di neve che solo per portare il cane a cagare rischi una frattura scomposta di tibia e perone. Eppure qui almeno dove abito io c’e’ un lavaggio strada quasi ogni giorno il lunedi martedi giovedi pomeriggio e venerdi, il lavaggio strada a che cosa serve? maledetti che non siete altro…altro che servizio per il cittadino… siete buoni solo per fare un servizio al cittadino piegandolo a novanta pero’… destra sinistra centro…venite c’e’ ne per tutti i gusti…

A six year old walks into the kitchen

where his Mom is preparing a meal.

“Mom, the last few nights I have woke up to this thumping noise coming out of your and daddy’s room and when I look to see what it is, you are sitting on top of dad and bouncing up and down. Why do you do that?”

The startled mother quickly recovers and says, “Your dad is a little overweight and I am trying to get him back to normal size. I bounce on him to get all the air out of him.”

The little kid just shakes his head and says “Mom you’re wasting your time.”

The mother says, “Why is that dear?”

The kid says, “Because, once a week, that nice looking lady next door comes over and blows daddy right back up.”

The Importance Of Being Idle

Why do something tomorrow, when it could be done the day after tomorrow?

There is always tomorrow.

When in doubt do nothing.

Its better to have loafed and lost than never to have loafed at all.

What is liberty? Leisure.

Happiness depends on Leisure.

Workers can’t think.

If you are losing your leisure, you may be losing your soul.

He who loafs last loafs longest.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

All the evil people in the world are already busy.

To idle people every day is a festival.

You cannot think and work at the same time.

Children ought to be idle – it’s good for them.

Thinkers don’t work and workers don’t think.