live forever

Verse 1 ——- G D Maybe, I don’t really wanna know Am7 How your garden grows C D I just wanna fly Verse 2 ——- G D Lately, did you ever feel the pain Am7 in the morning rain C D as it soaks it to the bone Chorus —— Em D Maybe I just […]

Shout It Out Loud

I hope we have found our sweet releaseI hope I fill that hole in you soulI hope that at last we get some peaceI hope the light shines on we as oneThere’ll never be enough to learnthe river’s deep and the road is longand every which way we turnalways seems insanebut it makes me feel […]

Oasis-One way road

[audio:Oasis-One way road.mp3] LYRICS I wanna get high, but I never could take the pain’cos it would blow away my soul like a hurricaneLike a one man band clapping in the pouring rainIf I know where I’m going, I don’t know from where I cameWhere we gonna be in summertime?And are we gonna see the […]